Now Is The Best Time To Prepare Your Kids For Kinder - 8th grade!

Benedictine Tutors offers Math, English and flexible scheduling.

May 19, 2021

Benedictine Tutors offers both Full-Day and Half-Day Math and English Camps for kids entering grades K thru 8th. Weekly camps are individualized for every camper, meeting them at their level of readiness and building their skills every day. 2021 certainly has had its challenges; we are dedicated to help make the transition into the 2021-2022 school year easier for you. Math and/or English camps are flexible enough to resume after time spent on vacation too! Sibling discounts are also available! Register today! Call 832-588-4408.

MATH MORNINGS – New Math Concepts are taught to build skill and foundations with Texas aligned curricula, all in time before the next school year begins. Here, every camper receives individualized instruction according to their respective math levels as determined by our Complimentary Diagnostic Testing. We then end our morning sessions with a series of daily STEM activities in Science Labs, Robotics, Circuitry, Coding and more. We find these STEM rotations help foster creative interest and reward scientific thinkers! 

ENGLISH AFTERNOONS – Reading Comprehension is strengthened and fluency levels increase with our targeted reading program. At Benedictine Tutors, campers begin with a complete Reading Assessment as it corresponds to their targeted grade level. Campers are then coached to systematically read through passages designed to improve reading strategies, annotations and comprehension skills. As a result, campers can apply what they have learned to answer questions more completely and accurately with various writing exercises. Our Writing Camps are sure to bring out the best in every camper as they learn how to work through the writing process all while building their vocabulary and improving their grammar skills too.  

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING – Weekly camps are flexible enough to allow for campers to go on vacation and still return without fear of repeating the same course material.

AFFORDABILITY – Sibling Discounts offered for face-to-face camps. Register Today!